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Originally Posted by USMC_G19 View Post
So letís assume you are sitting on 300lbs of wheat, what if you could take some of that boring stuff and turn it into beer? Not only could this be a lucrative business post SHTF, but would make you quite popular since few people have the equipment or know-how to make fermented beverages.

I have not yet tried brewing with just hard red wheat but from what Iíve read its possible if you add amylase, an enzyme required for conversion, to make up for the missing enzymes that would have been present in malted grain. Honey just happens to be a great source of amylase and also commonly found in the preppers pantry. After my Double IPA is finished Im planning on doing a small batch using just wheat, honey, regular yeast and some hops (I stockpile hops for good measure).
Great idea and something that would be a good thing to have for many reasons in a SHTF time.
Let us know how this works out and how you did it too.
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