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Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
Now you're changing the discussion. Your claim was that I said 0 when in fact I said 1. As far as price goes $880 is "right at $900". I recognized the fact I was incorrect about stateing 1 when there is two. The fact remains that theres a 8-12 Month wait. Read their forum and see how their wait times go. But then again I know your grabbing at whatever you can.
Where did I ever say anything about wait times? See, not sticking to the point with extraneous babble again.

The sad fact remains that you do not see the absurdity of you own posts. You can only cling to ONE of my posts that you claim I have twisted your words and lie to prove you wrong. Go through any thread I post in and note how many people I "call out" based on exactly what they posted, vs how many of your "questions" have very little to do with the post you quoted.

ETA: Your interpretation of "right at" is incorrect.

right: adj -exactly; precisely: right here.

at: preposition -(used to indicate a location or position, as in time, on a scale, or in order): at zero; at noon; at age 65; at the end; at the lowest point.

The prices of the Spikes weapons under $1000 were not (by definition) "exactly or precisely in the position of numerical value" equal to $900.

Did I lie, twist your words or stretch the truth here as well?
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