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Originally Posted by RWBlue View Post
It is like golfing with a complete set of clubs or just a 1wood & 4iron. At least where I played I could get away with just those two clubs if I had to, but it nice knowing I had a complete set of clubs if I needed them.

If you want just a few clubs, then I need to know the limitations of the group, better idea of the location and in the end you may really really want something more and not have it.
Good analogy.

I (and probably most of us) have more guns than we really need; but if push came to shove we'd almost always be better off picking the one or two that can solve the most, and most important, problems. That means we have to be very proficient with those, very comfortable with them, and very well setup/stocked with everything needed to feed, operate and maintain them; enough so that we're comfortable sticking with them when stuff's on the line.
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