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Originally Posted by flw View Post
I'm pro gun and I have a FOID card so it is not of issue to me.

My concern is if a anti-gun person w/o a FOID ordered ammo online and the used the media/general public to urge the President to hurry and close the "loop holes" as they want to see them.

Anti-gunners using the lack of consistency in interstate commerce to change laws or policy's is what concerns me.
Seems to me that the FOID card is nothing more than registration. Instead of registering guns they register gun owners. Residents of your state should demand to know how much the FOID program costs the state to run and costs businesses to comply. Then ask them to justify the costs. Your state is facing HUGE financial shortfalls but wastes money on a program that produces no tangible results.

Like I said earlier you're fighting the wrong battle. Instead of making the ammo dealers in the other 49 states comply with the ridiculous FOID program, thereby increasing the cost of doing business to them too, use your efforts to shut down the wasteful and freedom infringing program in the one offending state.
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