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Originally Posted by bowerman View Post
I am looking to buy a USP .45, possibly used. The one I am looking at says it was purchased in 2009. V1. Has anything changed since then with this model? Also, anything I should know or look for? Supposedly has less than 500 rounds.

Also, am I correct with the V1, V2, V3 etc, is just the configuration ie. DA/SA with safety..... Thanks!

Thanks for any help anyone can provide. Just want to make sure I make an informed decision...
Yeah, V1 is DA/SA with safety on left side of the frame. Don't know about any changes since 2009, though I don't believe so. Maybe someone else knows for sure.

They're nice guns and if you're getting a good deal on it, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it as long as you can shoot DA/SA or want to put the time in to learn it.
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