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Glock 21SF 50rds
2 Glock 26s 450 rds
Bersa 380 300 rds
S&W 38 Sp revolver - 100 rds
AR-15 - 400 rds
20 ga double barrel Shotgun 225 rds
.308 bolt action rifle 60 rds
.22lr M&P rifle 11,000 rds

I would suggest you sell the G21 and buy a G19 or G17. Keep your 26's if you need both for his/hers CCW. If not, sell one for a G19/17. You don't need a .45.

Sell the 380 - it serves no purpose.

You don't say what your 38 is, but its probably a good idea to keep it if it is a good one, especially if its a snub nose.

Keep the AR-15, add ammo/mags

If you hunt and like the 20 double - keep it. If you don't hunt, sell it and replace it with a 20 or 12 pump (Rem or Moss).

I personally don't see that much use for the 308, but I understand why some do. Can you shoot it to its potential? If not, you are probably better served by selling it and getting a single shot game rifle in 308 and using the difference on ammo / mags.

You need a .22 handgun.
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