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Originally Posted by m2hmghb View Post
Well the fan in the coolermaster V8 cooler just went, sounds like a bad bearing. I go to try and take it out but two screws are stripped, wonderful. To make it better the cutout for the back of the socket is in the wrong spot so I have to take the entire motherboard out to put a new cooler on it. I'll be using the corsair H50. I have it running right now for about 8 hours before I put it in. I have three 200mm fans and two 120mm fans plus my room is airconditioned so it should take up the slack from having no cpu fan.
Honestly, I highly doubt that. CPU's generate a tremendous amount of heat. I would not run it w/o a cpu cooler.
Originally Posted by GioaJack View Post
The fire is no longer my major concern since I am leaving immediately on an unexpected road trip to Indianapolis. Watch the national news over the next couple of days, I'll wave... well, only if I'm cuffed in the front.
RIP Jack
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