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Here in Canada, where there is no Norinco embargo, lots of guys get the 870 clones, which may have 14, 12.5 or even 8.5 inch barrels. In Canada, we don't have an SBR law, except if it gets TOO short it has to be registered as if it were a pistol, but 8.5 is good to go without being registered. A reason why people like short barrel shotguns here is it's next to impossible to get a permit to take a handgun into the woods (they can only be fired at shooting ranges) but rifles and shotguns can be.

The almighty government of Canada feels it is safer to fire a .300 Win Mag in the bush than it is a 9 millimeter....

Anyways, I don't own any Chinese made guns. I've always felt they were a real compromise compared to the guns they replace. Up here, you can get a 12.5 inch 870 clone with ghost ring sights made in China for around 360 bucks, I believe.
People have told me that they are very well made, using tough steel and are generally reliable. That is what I have been told by people I know who have them, and they seem to be met with good reception.

I cannot trust a gun that is made in China, to be honest. I don't know why, it's a mental block that makes me think it would fail in the worst of all times (say, when a bear decides I look like a tasty snack). I'm sure they're plenty reliable, though.
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