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Originally Posted by PM720 View Post
[URL]...$50.00 random for me. I can't beleive I was sandwiched between 2 pistol randoms in Sub and one of them was KITTY!!!

Originally Posted by emtjr928 View Post
$50 Random for me and SARDG gets another Gun??????
Originally Posted by mike g35 View Post
SARDG and I are fighting it out for first place "random master" LOL
Man, stepped out for an instructor meeting and this is what happens while I' m gone. GSSF has been very, very good to me.

Mike- This is the only way I'll 'win' a gun now, but I may have you on the run with this win. Never qualify for Master and you'll at least get a chance at High Senior and High Super Senior in 20 and 30 years.

Thanks for the separate e-mail, Scott.

And Ed... I earned this gun. I have been a genuine P-I-T-A and thorn in the side of GSSF Range Masters. That takes a lot of effort.

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