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Sig, if you're going to quote someone at least do it correctly. Goes to prove my point that you twist words in an attempt to prove yourself right. Kinda sad that you have to lie in order to do so.

Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
I was just on Spike's site and all their rifles were over $1k. Priced higher than a 6920/6720. Except for one that was right at $900 and it had a 8-12 month wait. Spikes has been known to underestimate their wait times.

I had a Spikes and it was nice. It didn't see as many rounds as the others however. I know they did shady things w/ price gouging and lying about the materials they were using though.
If showing that I can't make the leap in counting from 1 to 2 is your claim to fame you are a sad sad person. If being 1 item off in my count is gross exageration what is to be said about the "just as good" crowd you belong to?

I guess I could be the one that told someone to address what barrel to use on a lower, lol.

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