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Originally Posted by Fred Hansen View Post
Free speech isn't protected against the vagaries of whatever rules a private employer may wish to adopt/enforce. The private employer is the final arbiter of what can/cannot be said by their employee; at least when it pertains to the workplace. And... is there any protection to anyone from a employer who wants to restrain their freedom of speech when not on company time? Should there be any free speech protection afforded to anyone... public or private, when speaking as a private citizen and not "on the clock?"

Unfortunately for you, these are public indoctrination camp employees, and thus are not private employees. The 1st Amendment to COTUS specifically restricts federal law from stopping/thwarting/denying free speech (See: Prior Restraint) and both South Carolina's and Ohio's constitutions are quite plain in their preservation of the right to free speech vis--vis governmental suppression/oppression. And Ohio in particular even has a clause in its constitution that specifically prohibits any one of its citizens from being compelled to religiously worship a deity. So... you are fine with a public employee being muzzled by his/her employer. How do you feel about a private employer muzzling employees? Is this a net good when applied to public employees only or does it extend to all employees?

I'd say that the Secular Humanist Marxist Messiah can be said to fit that criteria. Wouldn't you?

Having said that, I have no sympathy for anyone stupid enough to work for said public indoctrination camps. Immutable universal law has demonstrated time-and-again that stupid hurts. Too bad, so sad. So... you are self-educated? And... you have a degree in... universal law?

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