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Originally Posted by LA_357SIG View Post
How so? Where is the proof that I lied?
"I was just on Spike's site and all their rifles were over $1k. Priced higher than a 6920/6720." That was his words. My response to your post "The source you used to quote prices from showed an 8-12 month backorder. If distributors have them in stock and available, why not link to them and quote those prices?"
"Edit. I posted the link to prove mjkeat was wrong in saying all Spikes AR's were over $1000." In fact there were 2 that were not.
"Except for one that was right at $900 and it had a 8-12 month wait." Also his own words. There were 2 and not "right at" $900.
The first thing that comes to mind is someone grasping for every bit of traction they can as a huge gust of wind blows them away. LOL, this is getting quite entertaining.

Go on, go on, please continue.
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