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Originally Posted by IndyGunFreak View Post
You'll have to reinstall. There's other ways to do it, but honestly, it's way way easier to just reinstall.

Let me make this suggestion. Don't nuke Windows just yet. I've seen this trend before.. someone tries Ubuntu, they love it, they nuke Windows 2 days later. About a week later, they find something they can't figure out an answer to, and they immediately reinstall Windows (if they're lucky enough to still have the disks)...

You're both still learning this OS... My suggestion... Dual boot for 3-4mo at least. By then, any quirks, problems, etc.. you may have you will have run into and hopefully figured out. If something comes up that is insurmountable, you have Windows to fall back on..
That's what I would suggest. Give it a while till the shiny new feeling wears off and if you still want to do it then you can.

Installing again and using the whole disk is probably best. You could try something like gparted to remove the windows partitions and realize your Linux one to take the whole drive.

You'll need to update your grub to remove the option to boot windows as well.

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