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Originally Posted by Bushflyr View Post
Ok, got it, thanks.
Scratch that, I stand corrected... I just realized how to create a directory from the GUI. I always did it from the command line because this wasn't possible in .2, and I'd recently upgraded to .3.

Go to shared folders
Click Add
Name the share, and select a drive for the folder to be started on.
In the Path, type Folder_Name
Set permissions
Click Ok and it should "add" no problem.

Tech Talk

Then I ssh'd my server to make sure the directory was created:

root@openmediavault:~# cd /media/4d1dcbc8-5cf7-4bbf-8493-1ef07bcf6cee/
root@openmediavault:/media/4d1dcbc8-5cf7-4bbf-8493-1ef07bcf6cee# ls
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