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Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember the Quick Points, although I never used one.

The Armsons worked very well in most instances. My biggest complaint was "twilight" or shadows, or anywhere you went from light to dark. The fiber optic worked best in bright light, but wasnt the greatest in low light. The tritium was small, and hard to see except in almost complete darkness, or at least your eyes needed to be adjusted to it somewhat to pick it up. On either side of that though, they worked great.

I had mine mounted on HK claw mounts and used them on G3's/HK91's and my MP5, up until the red dots started showing up. They were not bulky or cumbersome in the least, and smaller than the Aimpoint M2's.

Once I got my first Aimpoints, I cant say I ever really missed the OEG's. Even though the Aimpoints are battery dependent (which is really a non issue, especially these days), they make up for the OEG's deficiencies. I still use the "concept" on a pretty regular basis with the cover closed on my Aimpoints though.
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