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Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
The USP 45 is a great choice, but before you make that final decision please consider the HK45 as an alternative choice.

The HK45 is a newer, more ergonomic and updated version of the USP.

After I bought my HK45, I sold my USP 45.
For me the HK45 is just a better all round pistol.
I agree about looking at the HK45, also. However, newer and "better" is not for everyone. I, for one, sold my HK45. Nothing about it is "better". The grip, although ergonomic, just doesn't sit right with my hand. Reliability is equal between the 2 models. One could even argue that the USP is actually "better" because it holds more rounds (12+1 versus 10+1).
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