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Originally Posted by hotpig View Post
The FOID is a line that the Chicago area Politicians will not cross. We stand a better chance of CCW than getting rid of the FOID.

We could have CCW tomorrow if the NRA would allow it to pass with Home Rule Cities being allowed to opt out. NRA has killed it twice that I know of because they want all or none. It is unlikely we will have all in our life times.
Being from west central Illinois myself, i'd like to say that you, sir, are absolutely correct. The NRA is in cahoots with Madigan evidently. It's a damn shame that so many people in a state are dictated to by a few in a small region of said state. Something is amiss with the NRA's position of "all or none". There are enough reps in the crook county region that have stated that they won't support a bill that includes crook county. Does this mean they will support a bill that doesn't? Guess we'll never know as long as the NRA is holding downstate Illinois hostage.
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