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Originally Posted by robhic View Post
I guess my first thought is: Why carry a G26 if you're gonna use 2X extensions? The 26 is made for concealment but, IMO, you defeat the intent by adding that grip length. I'd get some GAP floorplates and use the 10rd mags.

Or just carry a G19 or other larger pistol.
That seems to be the opinion of a lot of people on the matter, but if you actually compare side-by-side a G19 with standard mag and a G26 with the +2, you'll find that there is a significant difference in size. So for the person who wants something smaller than the 19, but wants somewhere to put their pinky or wants a few more rounds, the G26 with +2 can be a nice compromise.
That being said, I think using a standard mag, as many have suggested, would help my problem immensely. I'm just not sure if I feel comfortable with gripping the gun without somewhere for my pinky. Gonna have to do a little more shooting and handling with the standard mag in.
And to those who say not to worry about it, I'm really not worried about a little printing, but it was BAD. I adjusted the holster for a little more cant and that helped but it was still very noticeable.
Also, thanks everyone for your suggestions. I wish I could move it further forward but I'm a pretty thin guy, and any further forward would make the back of the slide stick out in front of my stomach.
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