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Originally Posted by gatorboy View Post
I'll stick my nose in here also ) .

I use a 22# Wolff RSA in a G3 20 and have a G4 21 with stock RSA. The Wolff is considerably heavier.

Also remember the 10mm slides are heavy. The top three heaviest Glock slides in order is the 20, 24 and 29. So the 29 slide is heavier than the 21 slide. There are aftermarket RSA's for the G4's out already. You can get heavier dual recoil springs. Love reading about the 45 Super and plan on trying it in my 21 and M&P sometime soon. The 10mm is great but I like the idea of a 230 gr. 451" projectile @ approximately 1150 FPS.
Hey this is good info
Do you know how much heavier a G20 slide is compared to the G21 Slide? Is it a couple ounces heavier?
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