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Well boys, I got my first deer (with a handgun) a couple days ago. I flew home to KY to spend my B-Day with Dad and do some hunting. Initially, I was going to use one of Dad's rifles to hunt, but then the light came on.... TAKE my 20SF!!!

So I packed/boxed my Glock 20SF in my checked luggage on Southwest and was determined to get a corn fed white tail with it.

A KY tag allows 1 buck and 1 doe, or 2 does. KY also has a 10 round mag limit, but no bbl length requirements. I didn't have time to scrounge a G20 10rnd mag before I left, so i had to improvise.

I cut a piece of wood out of an old broomstick and sanded to fit in the bottom of the mag and into the mag spring. A few more cuts, and my standard 15 round mag now held 10.

The 10 Ring
The 10 Ring
The 10 Ring

Our first day of hunting was monday 11/12, (my b-day). We got into the stand around 3:30pm. I took a model 94 30/30 with me just in case I saw something nice out of pistol range. I set my limit to 25yds or less with my Glock. At about 5pm an eight point buck snuck up on me, and would not come closer than 30 yards, so I ended up shooting him with the 30/30.

We hunted tuesday on a different farm and didn't have a shot within 25 yards. Dad however, shot a healthy 11 pointer.

On Wednesday, I hunted the same farm that I shot the buck on. Except this time I didn't take the rifle, Only the 20SF. At about 8am, I see a doe walking the game trail that passes behind my stand. She walked behind my stand and stopped at 25yds ish. I squeezed, and let go a 200 grain BTB WFNGC behind 8.8 grains of Longshot. She ran about 75 yards and dropped!

I ended up hitting her in the rump :(. She was quartering away when I shot. The bulled entered her rump and ended up in her abdomen. There was quite a bit of blood in the gut area when I was dressing her. Must have hit an artery running to her legs??

Anyway... My 20SF and hand-loads did the job!!

The 10 Ring

The 10 Ring

The 10 Ring
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