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Originally Posted by Guatariccan View Post
I'm waiting on my Gen 4 20 to arrive and was just curious as to what y'all deem weak ammo? I have 500 rds. of Underwood 180 gr FMJ and as those chug along at 1300fps, I was curious as to what your thoughts were on something like the Georgia arms canned heat at 1100 fps? I bought this gun just for the hell of it and don't really plan on getting too much ammo for it, but if I do I want something that will boom. I know it sounds weird but I don't shoot anything but 357 mag out of my 686 SSR, cause hey what's the point of having a magnum if I shoot 38s out of it, right? Thanks for your opinions.
You bought the hottest commercially available 10's avail., to my knowlege. Can't speak for GA but if you want raw power, UW is your ammo... unless you want to get into max loading your own.
Enjoy that G20! Ping us back with a range report once ya get a chance...WITH PICTURES TOO ;-)
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