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TO RECAP ( and catch up...):

Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
... Scientifically: C'mon, we know for a fact the earth and all of its life did not come to being in 6 days. Even you have to admit that. And before you start... no one is going to claim that perhaps evolution or anything relating to an old Earth is how God brought creation about. Your book doesn't say that, your book says 6 days... and it's wrong.
I believe the Holy Bible. I used to believe the Earth and the Universe were both created around 6000 years ago; however, after studying a bit with a Rabbi online, I now believe the Earth and the Universe to be between 6000 and 13,000 years old.

But to directly respond to your point, no, I admit to no such thing as you imply.

I 100% believe the Earth and the Universe are not more than 13,000 years old, give or take the couple hundred or so years difference between the solar based Gregorian calendar and the lunar based Jewish calendar.

Quote me: "Moreover, I 100% believe both the Earth, the Universe, and everything else, seen and unseen, were created by the Creator and Him alone. He is Jehovah." - Peace Warrior (NOTE: I have no empirically based scientific basis for the previous statement, which makes it a 100% statement of faith.)

No, as for you, if you are honest, you too have no empirically derived scientific data as far as an origin for the Earth and the Universe. What you have is theory and beliefs based on that theory, which means you have to have just as much faith in what you believe as I do.

"Even you have to admit that."
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