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TO RECAP ( and catch up...):

Originally Posted by Animal Mother View Post
... That would be your modus operandi, not mine, as the still unrevealed great secred of "Lucy's knee" demonstrates. ...
(Emp. mine)

It is no secret, lucy is the name given to some fragments of bones and bones of a chimp, which not even 50% of the bones were collected.

What's more, the assorted bones and fragments that are named lucy today were found over the course of a calendar year, from right near the ground's surface to up to 200 feet deep, and linearly speaking up to a mile or so apart.

The knee itself is suspect for at least two reasons. One reason is what the person credited with finding lucy, Dr. Donald Johanson, a paleontologist, stated in an open lecture in Kansas City, Missouri, after inviting questions from the attending audience.

For example, the following question was asked, this is verbatim quote, “How far away from Lucy did you find the knee?” Dr. Donald Johanson stated, "[It was found] about 200 feet lower and two to three kilometers away." Then the same person asking this first question then immediately followed up with another question, this is a verbatim quote, "Then why are you sure it belonged to Lucy?," to which Dr. Donald Johanson answered, “Anatomical similarity.”

As far as "lucy" and other fossils supposedly supporting a macro-revolutionary theory, here is a list of things that evos themselves say about fossils in general and or in-particular when it comes to fossils being used to support evolution as a theory.
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