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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Since the skeletal remains you mention for lucy has one bone from the left side and the other bone from the right side,
What does this have to do with the knee you've been going on about?
and coupling these facts with the fact that all the bones were found with other assorted remains from similar looking bones
They were not found with any other assorted remains. The fact there were no duplicate bones is one of the points cited by Dr. Johanson in his book on the discovery.
my guess would be that Dr. Johanson has collected bones from two different animals as well as two different sides (e.g., left and right) of animals that were drowned and ultimately had their remains scattered in a world wide flood, which is clearly spoken of in Genesis.
Your guess is wrong, given both the evidence above and the complete lack of evidence for a global flood.
That's my guess, what is yours?
I don't have to guess. I have evidence.
ETA: The talkorigins cite didn.t reveal the entire conversations held that day in Kansas City, Missouri. Please get back with me on that topic when your ready to address it. (Might help to mention the same to your favorite website (i.e., talkorigins), and find out why they omitted the followup question. Just a thought.
That's because the followup question is not documented anywhere except the creationist propaganda. Given the demonstrated willingness of creationists to distort or even outright lie when necessary, why should this claim be given any substance especially after the previous claimed question has already been addressed and shown to be inaccurate? Willis is the only source for the supposed questions, and again his veracity is very much open to question. Given that nowhere in Johanson's published work has he ever described the Hadar knee joint as Lucy's knee, there's no reason to think he would have done so in the course of a lecture.
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