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Originally Posted by Animal Mother View Post
...[No PW, you never said anything of the kind, not even remotely, I made it up because I personally believe that] you reject the evidence and conclusions of science because they contradict your interpretations of scripture ...
Fixed it for ya!

I never said anything of the like, but before I fixed it, it was the best apology I ever saw you make. You're gettin' soft.

Originally Posted by Animal Mother View Post
... But here's a chance for you to make an explicit statement, if you have the guts. If the Bible and the conclusions of scientific investigation contradict each other, which do you hold to be authoritative or true?
Such an outlandish hypothetical occurrence based on your suppositions so far in this thread.

You will forgive me for not even pretending to respond until you or someone else actually gets close to having something worthy enough to give rise to decent premise on which to base such a question.
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