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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
(Emp. mine)\

Radiometric dating does not prove the Earth to be billions of billions of years old. Evos already admit as much.

-am-, stratigraphy, specifically as it relates to the geologic column and the age of the Earth, is what drives radiometric dating. One the whole, radiometric dating relies on the cross checking from index fossils, specifically, their placement within the certain stratum, in order to determine if the radiometric dates are to be used or literally thrown out as inconclusive or in error.

Simply put, where it not for the predetermined dates derived from the geologic column, which by the way predates radiometric dating by over 50 years at least, then radiometric dating would have been thrown out by the evos themselves as something that was unreliable as well as a foolish methodology to scientifically determine the age of anything dug up and or found on the ground.
Did you make all that up yourself???

Radiometric dating is based on comparing the normal ratios of isotopes accumulated in living animals to the ratios in the fossils, and using the half life of the isotope to figure out how long it would take to decay to the ratio seen in the fossil. That's what "evos" use. Its based on known rates of decay, measurable ratios, and that thing called "math".

You seem to again be confused over basic facts, and even basic definitions.


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