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pro gone, now ive gotten into another fine mess

i recently got rid of my pro. nothing wrong with it at all, i just needed a railed 1911 and a 18 month wait for another pro was not going to cut it. looked at a few of the full railed operators that came up, thought about getting a trp operator made with standard novak sights, but i bided my time knowing something eventually would come up.

my patience paid off. on another forum this popped up:

1911 Forums

a sig blackwater 1911. the orignal owner purchased it new, fired 25 rounds through it, cleaned it and put it in the safe. three of the four magazines had never been removed from the plastic and you could not tell it had ever been fired except from the factory. i set out to correct that blasphemy the next day.

1911 Forums

this was my first 25rds at 7 yds. it handles very well, the machining done on it is surprisingly clean, and the trigger is actually pretty good. the slide to frame fit is not as tight as i would like, the trigger has some up and down play, and the magwell screw loosened up and came out. but, it seems like a solid base to do some small additions to. i know, the purists will hate the rail and external extractor but there are no fcs...
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