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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
I agree, but just like everything else there's a point where too much of it becomes very bad. Would you be OK with companies merging over and over until there's only one giant corporation that controls the entire economy? One CEO at the top of everything? Might as well make him dictator.

One choice for an employer. One choice for where to buy goods and services. No opportunity for small businesses to get off the ground since they have to get all supplies from their only competitor and can't possibly match prices.

You have to put the brakes on it at some point. The only question is what that point should be.
You are not describing capitalism -- you are describing what tends to happen under fascism or crony capitalism (which requires abandonment of consistent ethics and acceptance of violence against peaceful, productive people). Mergers can outnumber new players only when barriers to entry are established, which the state is fantastic at establishing via regulation.
If you've already accepted that "violence against the innocent" is a morally legitimate means of funding the government, who are you to complain when the majority apprporiates your legacy and sells your children into a lifetime of debt slavery?
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