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Originally Posted by Med-Defense View Post
First off: Lol to the first sentence. Secondly, that it quite the track record for sure. I'm an aspiring trauma surgeon and complete greenhorn (minus my responder training and minor aid with an MVA and a seizure victim) I'm sure you have a wealth of knowledge for someone such as myself.
Worked in a teaching hospital, level 1 trauma center in El Paso. Could always tell those who had some basic experience. Patient has some FLB's (funny looking beats) on the monitor and the book smart resident starts ordering drugs and shocks. The resident with street experience says"how about if I re-attach this wire first." Happens a lot.

Also, every nurse, doctor, and patient can teach you something new. Look forward to that! If you ever get to the point where you are a know it all, you can't learn anything new, and you'll be dangerous.

Good luck, do the best you can at whatever level you're at. I may need you.
Evidence lockers full of deadly heroin. Drug companies wont sell execution drugs. If only there were some solution!

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