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Originally Posted by Brasso View Post
We are in a crisis in this country because we have rejected God's Way. I'ts not accident that the most industrialized nations on earth also worship the God the Bible, and the most backward ones don't.
Here is a little thought experiment you might find interesting.

Within this century, someone will switch on a computer that has the ability to recursively self-improve both its intelligence and it's ability to manipulate the physical world. In a very short period of time, it will become the dominant force on the planet.

Such an entity will by necessity be programmed with some kind of ethical framework, which it will use all its intelligence to relentlessly and precisely uphold in the world as its maximum priority.

Now, what kind of ethics should we input into the computer before we switch it on?

A) a mathematically exact, yet to be developed ethics which has consequences that are proven beforehand according to precise theorems

B) a copy of the King James Bible

You make the call.
If you've already accepted that "violence against the innocent" is a morally legitimate means of funding the government, who are you to complain when the majority apprporiates your legacy and sells your children into a lifetime of debt slavery?
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