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Originally Posted by Henry's Dad View Post
Another couple of questions on mods:

(1) is it possible/easy to switch a decocking/safety lever from one side to the other (with an aftermarket part, I assume).

(2) can you install a decocking/safety lever on a gun that didn't come with one (var 7)?

Thanks again.
1. It is easy to switch the location of the control lever on a USP. Odd number variants are for right handed shooters (control lever left side of frame) and even number variants are for left handed shooters (control lever right side of frame).

For example, a V1 is DA/SA with safety and decocker control lever left side of frame, while a V2 is DA/SA with safety and decocker control lever right side of frame.

No aftermarket parts are required, as HK makes the necessary control levers themselves. The new control lever that corresponds to what side you wish to install it on is all that is required to move it's location. Furthermore, there are ambidextrous control levers available.

2. You can convert the pistol to LEM and still retain the control lever as a manual safety. Decocker function is not required with the LEM trigger.

The USP is still the most flexible HK pistol when it comes to trigger variants.
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