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That vid has a few tid bits of BS in it that really make it hard to believe.

Training ammo vs. hollow point ammo for instance. As far as I know, most if not all of these agencies use the same ammo to train with as what they carry. They carry hollow points.

Another poster did a rough calculation (I think it was on this forum) about the number of people trained at FLETC. There are a lot of rounds being put down range for training purposes.

Also, the contract for ammo IIRC was for "up to" a certain amount over a 5 year period, not all at once. This is very common for govt. contract with everything from bullets to boots. It leaves the requesting entity the ability to cut short the quantity at some point if they find that they no longer need the full amount.

Finally, in my opinion, why would a govt. agency only be ordering pistol ammo if they were planning on shooting or rounding up civilians? It does not make sense to me. When was the last time you saw any LEO in a tactical situation with just a sidearm? They always have long guns when they expect trouble. If they are intending on using that amount of ammo then that would be expecting trouble and pistols are simply not enough. Where are the rifle ammo contracts?

Why did the report not address any of the issues that I have brought up? I think the answer to that is because they want to stir up emotions and draw attention to their product (their news broadcasts and websites)
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