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Originally Posted by Chris Brines View Post
All I have to say is if someone thinks in the United States of America that they are gonna just waltz on in everyone's house and steal whatever property they want, those people are criminals and should be dealt with as such. I don't give a damn who they are. This is not England, this is not North Korea, Cuba or Venezuela.

It's case anyone doesn't have the Bill of Rights memorized (FACT: Many gun owners only know the first 2), then here I will gladly post all 10 amendments below for you to lock into your memory. You will see that many of the people currently (and formerly) occupying our government have already violated those in many ways.
Again, I don't see it happening nation wide. However! I checked and the Bill of Rights was in effect when they waltzed right in and took them in New Orleans and surrounding Parishes. I also double checked to make sure our state constitution was in effect and said it was unlawful at the time they waltzed right in and took them. Yes it was! Words on paper don't stop politicians and the Jack Booted Drones that blindly follow their orders. And where were all the "GOOD" cops. I've talked to several "officers" that were in the city and on duty at the time. They claim they didn't participate. They get insulted when I ask; so you didn't take any guns? What did you did you do to the criminals (LEO's) that were stealing them? "Oh, they were just following orders". Now where have I hear that before?

Will "ALL" LEO's participate in a confiscation. No! But I also predict few, very few would do anything to stop it. And "MOST" citizens will just hand them over.

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