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We've all heard the expression, "Every maker puts out a lemon once in awhile," or something similar.

This seems to be true. There have been tales of individual pistols and other firearms that had "gremlins" that even the factory couldn't solve, to the point of replacing the gun.

But does the opposite end of the spectrum also exist? Is it possible that despite "all being made the same," that a pistol could come off the line with a happy convergence of parts that work so well together that the rare pistol far exceeds the norm for the model, particularly for accuracy?

I find myself asking this because a $400 pistol, a 9mm Beretta PX4F, is the most accurate handgun I have ever owned. That covers some 60 "duty caliber" handguns I have had pass through my hands, from high end 1911s, to a HK USP, to a SIG P226, and others that cost hundreds, or even a grand, more than this eerily accurate Beretta.

I have even had about a dozen friends shoot it over the last three years who agree that it is rather uncanny how easy it is to make tight groups with it.

It's only supposed to be "combat accurate," coming with no guarantee of doing great things down range, it just does. It also outshoots a PX4 Constant I have in the same caliber, which is identical in its lockup details, but has a slightly different trigger feel.

So, do you believe the "anti-lemon" exists and sometimes, a lucky buyer gets way more than he or she bargained for?
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