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Originally Posted by mike g35 View Post
Actually they're just so small they can't handle high pressure loads. I owned one (that I got really cheap) it was junk.
The thing is it didn't explode where I think it should for an over pressured load. Then again, maybe I am just use to dealing with higher quality guns failing.

What we have seen with the Glocks that explode with over pressure loads is the failure of the case which blow out the the mag usually distroying the mag release, and the mag.

With the 1911, same thing, but the grip panels also go.

What I see in this video is a failure of the barrel. I have seen this when a bullet is stuck in the barrel and someone tried to get it out by shooting the next round. If the barrel is strong, it will contain the second bullet also. If it is not the barrel blows out like this video shows.

For those that have a DB9 are the rings/wear shown on the barrel normal?

Then again, I have never shot a DB9 and that barrel does look very thin..
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