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Originally Posted by PM720 View Post
While I would prefer a fuller sized gun like a G19 or 32 for self defense purposes I would not have any issues with a QUALITY gun like a G26 or equivilant. I actually have a Ruger LCP that I really enjoy shooting. I would have no issues using it in a defensive situation.
I should have added that the G26 is the smallest gun I would be perfectly comfortable defending my life with, also the magazine grip extension +2 in my opinion makes the gun dramatically more comfortable. It is amazing to me that having your pinky hanging off the grip drastically makes a difference. I won a random gun while under the age of 21 so I transferred the certificate to my father. We agreed to get a G26 which has now become his everyday pocket carry gun, which i have carried very briefly at times when he allows me to. Its a perfect fit for the situation, I would not hesitate to carry it either. Anything smaller than the G26 I personally would not have the confidence in my abilities to be able to safely defend myself.
I have shot a LCP a few times, if I were to shoot one on a regular basis the opinion's that have been posted very likely may change. I am also not trying to say these smaller guns suck or that they are unreliable little grenades waiting to blow up in your hands (Yet if shooting these smaller firearms, like the video shows it is always safer to your health to be smoking while shooting. This is one of the few times smoking saved someones health and well being.) All that is being said is I am uncomfortable with them.
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