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No, that gun will probably go for a few hundred more than a similar condition Colt, and with a lot more features.
Gun sold for $1300. I've found used Colts for as little as $500.

I want you to go to the trouble of shopping around and find a deal like I did, as most people do when buying a gun. Who buys a gun for the first price they see?
They are selling at the prices I listed, whether you like it or not. Buying used is a whole different story and to follow that red herring is moot.

Again, mine was new for $1,350 delivered, and a guy on the DW forum said he got one for $1,300 delivered. Mine is SS, which is less than the black DWs, but only a few hundred more than a SS Colt.
As I figured, you couldn't provide any proof other than "on this other site this guy says." I dunno which exact colt you are trying to compare to, but they go for ~850-900 new around here. Rail guns are just a bit more.
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