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Originally Posted by wingryder View Post
What empirically is difference between our sun and other stars? ...
When we look at the star closest to our own SOLAR SYSTEM, all we see, with the best telescope available at this present time, is basically a "dot of light."

However, when we look at "our" Sun, we can see all kinds of activity and even witness what we refer to as solar flares, which affect us between 8 minutes and up to several days later. We can plan on it due to our empirical scientific observations of the Sun in our galaxy.

Yet, other stars, even the closest ones we can look upon with telescopes, they are merely "dots," or "pinpoints" of light if you will, and we witness NOTHING as we do when we observe our own Sun.

The stars "out there" may be just like our Sun, and or our Sun may be just just like those other stars, but one thing is for sure...

We do not know with empirical scientific certainty that our Sun and those stars are just alike; therefore, they MAY or MAY NOT be alike, we don't really know to an empirical scientific certainty if they are or are not the same.

ETA: Maybe someday we will know, but right now, current Science cannot tell us for sure.
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