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arrow, if there was a consensus, there wouldn't be a section in Glock Talk called Caliber Corner...

The single most common .40 load remains the 180 grain subsonic, normally carried in one of the premium brands with high tech bullets. A close second in popularity is the 165 grain at about 1140 foot-seconds. The "minus-P" 165 grain subsonic has not worked out well and has fallen into well-deserved oblivion. US Border Patrol had great luck with the 155 grain .40 at 1200 foot-seconds as a manstopper, but went to the 180 grain subsonic because (supposedly) it kicked less than the 155 grain hot loads and was easier on the guns.

Personally, full-speed 155-165 grain loads are my choice. But, as noted above, there is no consensus.

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