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Originally Posted by Kieller View Post
I have been brewing for over 6 years and love it. I have made all types of beer and even mead. If I were to pick an easier alcohol of the two for SHTF I would choose mead. Honey is easier to store, don't need hops and all you really need is water/honey/yeast.

Storing hops is generally not a good idea. They lose a lot of potency very quickly. Air tight containers will help and freezing them will help also...but generally not a good idea to store them long term.

If I could I would grow my own hops, however my climate doesn't really allow that.
I love mead

Originally Posted by USMC_G19 View Post
I don't store much hops, right now I only have about 4 pounds in 1 pound vacuum sealed mylar pouches in the deep freeze. Ive found that the pellets hold up pretty wel under these conditions so far.

I agree with the mead too. Ive got a batch ageing in bottles that should be ready to drink in about a year or so. Which is why I was thinking about beer. You can have a batch brewed and ready for drinking in less than a month, much quicker thatn mead.
I've never aged my mead. Once it's done fermenting I put it in a pop keg, carbonate it and have mead on tap.
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