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Originally Posted by banger View Post
Look, concerning price versus value.

To the "arm chair warrior", he will pay whatever it cost, simply to point to his treasured pistol and tell his friend that that's the same pistol that the Marines carry.

That means it kills your enemies "deader".

Consider, the 1873 Colt Single Action Army has been obsolete for nearly a century....Yet...the Colt Custom shop still cranks them out for over $1500.00 a pop.

AND....insult to injury, they are not even authentic to the originals. Yet... people continue to buy them.

As to the lack of quality control....It does not matter!

Most will never even be fired.

Returning to my Peace Maker example, until the growth of "Cowboy action shooting" most of the modern 1873's were never fired or even cocked.

Look no further than a Gun Show in your area.

With little trouble you will almost certainly find a N.I.B. third generation pistol still with it's tags and zip tie on the hammer.

Now try to find one that is used, but good condition...

I'll bet you can't find one.

Funny story about "Cowboy" shooters...many of those guy's bought the Colts form collectors who owned them for years, only to find out that they were defective and needed to be returned to Colt to have them corrected.

Timing issues, aiming issues, ever firing issues.

Colt made a "bundle" cranking those puppies out...Knowing that they would likely never be fired.

In closing...Colt Firearms Mfg. Co. is NOT your friend.

They are nearly Bankrupt for a reason.
And your SASS number and Alias is?
I have several 3rd generation Colts. No problems with any of mine.
Having been involved in SASS since 2000 I have not heard of any of the things you speak of.

The only complaint I have ever heard is, is that they are not as tough as a Ruger. Well NS different internal design.

As far as Colt not being your friend. Really? I had a Colt Blue box, I was damaged by one of my pups. Chewed on. So I called Colt. They sent me a new box I paid shipping.

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