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Originally Posted by captainstormy View Post
Ext 2 is pretty old. I'm not a file system guru so I really don't know all the technical differences. That said, I've used ext4 for years with no problems.

Why are you thinking about NTFS?

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I chose ext 2 (IIRC) when I setup my CenOS box because I wasn't sure what I was supposed to choose. I <think> CentOS gives a brief description of each file format and which they recommend using depending on what's going on that particular HDD.

As far as the NTFS goes, I am NOT thinking about using it. I have another existing 1.5TB drive already installed, that was originally formatted via Windows (thus NTFS). Once I get all my media copied over to the new drive, the old one will be reformatted in a native Linux format so I don't have to worry about mounting it.
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