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Originally Posted by ArtificialGrape View Post
So that we're clear, what is the assertion regarding a carbon-14 saturation point that you would like to advance?

Or you can return to providing scientific evidence that stars cannot form.

Simply put, atmospheric levels of C14 are currently GROWING.

IIRC, calibrations show that a saturation point of C14 should have occurred when the Earth's intact atmosphere was roughly 30,000 years old. Since the levels are still growing, we are NOT at a saturation level as of yet. Three points:

1) Testing is suspect due to its reliance on the atmosphere's near stable levels of C14.

2) If C14's theory and practice is to be believed, then the Earth's atmosphere is not even 30,000 years old yet, which this fact blows a HUGE hole in the evos' multimillion year timeline.

3) For whatever reasons, present day C14 testing has shown only two conclusive proofs. One, when the age of a C14 tested sample is known, the resultant C14 testing date is wrong. Two, when the age of a C14 tested sample is unknown, the resultant C14 testing date is believed to be right. This is NOT empirically derived scientific data.

Simply put, at the present time, modern science cannot categorically and or empirically determine the ages of tested samples by radiometric dating methodologies.
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