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@Linux3, thanks for all the info. I'm quite new to linux in general, and haven't had time to read that in-depth into it. It sounds like I'm hoping that I am wrong in my recollection, and that I'm at least using Ext3 for my root drive. It sounds like I will be formatting and reformatting my 2 1.5TB drives in Ext4 when I get a chance to work on it.

I've heard of MT, and think I may have had it on a Mint 9 box I'd built a few years back when I was first messing with linux. Do you know how well it plays with a PS3? That is the major component for me as far as serving media goes, as that's what all media will be sent to. I was trying to implement PS3 MS for COS, but the only guides I could find were for COS 5.x and weren't working. I don't know enough about linux to figure out what I don't know, so to speak.
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