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Originally Posted by glock2740 View Post
I know it has stainless parts, but have not heard that it has a stainless slide and frame too. Would make sense, as they said the stainless "parts" were to help in harsh conditions.
As you already know, it's based on the Rail Gun series and the Rail Gun series (3-options) all have stainless steel slides, one option has blued frame, the other option has bare SS slide mated to cerakoted SS frame, and the third option has cerakoted SS slide mated to cerakoted SS frame.

I believe that the USMC pistol is the third option with cerakoted everything (different color, of course) and some minor cosmetic changes (G10 grip panels for one).

So it's essentially a Rail Gun with a paint job and G10 grip panels. As far as the civilian version goes, the video claims that it comes from the custom shop with hand fitting...what does that mean? How much hand fitting? Is it worth the extra $800 over the standard Rail Gun?

I don't know and I ain't the one to cough out two Ks to find out. I like the Gyrines just fine but I don't feel the compunction to carry or own a gun that looks like a MEUSOC gun.
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