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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Like diamonds, oil, coal, certain fossils...?

They all still have C14 out the yang when in actuality, they should have ZERO amounts.
That wasn't really the question, but oil is a liquid (with organic origins), it's really not hard to imagine it containg some C14 is it? Coal is porous (and also of organic origin), also done.

Fossils and diamonds have been found that have C14 "out the yang"? Are you sure? I think you mean to say that fossils and diamonds have been found to have barely detectable levels of C14. Much lower than would be expected through the mechanism of living tissue absorbing it through biological processes.

Before I answer on the last two I have a couple of questions. Are you suggesting that cosmic rays impacting the atmosphere is the only way for C14 to be created here on Earth or merely just the most prolific? Are you suggesting that there is no minimum background level for C14 that can be found in just about any sample you care to test here on Earth?
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