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Originally Posted by MD357 View Post
Not blowing a gasket by any means, just didn't understand how hand fitting would be a minus?
Well, as far as the Marines are concerned, it's a minus because they've already gone down the hand fitting road with the old MEU(SOC) M45. The reason they're picking up the Rail Gun to begin with is that the Precision Weapons Shop on Quantico simply can't keep up with the demand for both more hand-built 1911s, and maintenance on the ones already out.

The solicitation for an off-the-shelf replacement specifically required a 1911 that was capable of parts interchangeability - this is, according to some documentation, the main reason that Springfield's MC Operator lost out. The Colt, on the other hand, demonstrated parts interchangeability between all test guns.

For the Marines, hand fitting is a minus because it sets them right back on the path of being unable to keep up with maintenance demands, the path they've already gone down. For the consumer? It's not a minus.

Unless you want exactly what the Marines will be issuing, anyway. I personally don't, but then I'm not likely to buy it regardless. Doesn't keep me from feeling mildly annoyed when gun companies slap a misleading label on a commercialized version of a gun and sell it to the public as the real deal. Same thing annoyed me about the later P226 Navy from Sig.

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