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Originally Posted by bigmoney890 View Post
What are your guys thoughts on used surplus GI magazines? For those of you who don't like them, at what price would you consider buying some? And for those who love them, what do you usually pay for them?

Just bought a 3 pack for $20 at one of the copious local military surplus shops, and i figured at 7 bucks a piece including taxes, it can't hurt to stock up. Not a great deal, but better than spending twice as much online for new aluminum/steel mags.
The last new "GI" mags I bought were $90/10 shipped(currently OOS), and DSG has PMags for $100/10 +shipping this week. Just sayin'.

ETA: Copes has $90/10 D&H w/ MagPul followers Free ship this week http://www.copesdistributing.net/bla...ck-p-5733.html
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