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Originally Posted by bigmoney890 View Post
All of the magazines I picked up today were marked 09/04.
I presume they were all made as the ban expired, but they are still marked Gov't/LE use only.
I stand corrected, 2 of the 3 mags i picked up are marked 07/04, but all 3 are marked Gov't/LE use only

Originally Posted by John Biltz View Post
Depends on how used they are. GIs are really good at breaking things. It also depends on how you are planning on using them. For range work? Sure, why not. Personally, I think PMAGs are cheap and a quality product so its what I buy.
The GI mags are for range use only

Originally Posted by FatBoy View Post
The last new "GI" mags I bought were $90/10 shipped(currently OOS), and DSG has PMags for $100/10 +shipping this week. Just sayin'.
I've been looking around and have seen the 10 pack on dsgarms.com, but I'd rather just pay the $12 for pmags than the $10 for GI mags. That's just a personal preference. But at $7 a piece for the used GI mags I found, it's about half the price of shipped PMAGs and they are all in good shape.
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