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Originally Posted by MD357 View Post
Red herring ramblings aside, this is the point.

Now you can get annoyed that it's not exactly the same because it's likely to be built better but the specs are the same aside from possibly closer fitting.

Just about every 1911 maker has cheesy marketing now, I'd say this one will be as close to the original as they come. Don't see anything as misleading when it's supposedly going to be a step UP from the original.
I wouldn't call it red herring rambling. What if I wanted a 1911 with easy rebuilding potential due to parts interchangeability? I actually do, by the way.

As for being built 'better,' time will tell. Built differently, certainly. Just depends on what you're after. I've already got a bank vault-tight 1911 that can do 1" groups at 50 yards; what I'd like to find is one I can abuse as badly as my HKs and still have it run like a sewing machine. I suspect that's what the Marines are after, too, and likely why they picked a looser tolerance production gun over a hand fit - in addition to the primary requirement of interchangeability, of course.
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